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The band was founded in May of 2001 in Moscow by the following musicians:Dan Sheshylin (guitar), Yan Chumakov (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Pavel Tubaev (bass).
The band’s primary goal is to create a quality rock music that would be noted for its distinctive melodiousness, beautiful and dynamic music performance matching the world class standards.
Offroad concerts are outstanding and elaborately prepared shows. All the members of the band have worked on various music projects both in Russia and abroad. All the lyrics are composed in English (Yan, the vocalist of the band, lived in USA, California for more than 5 years), and mainly consist of lyrical themes.

The debut album “Make It Through”, consisting of 11 tracks, was recorded and released in 2002. The album also contains Now Is When I Need Ya song composed for Offroad by its long-time friend Michael Chaves, ex-bass player for Sheryl Crow and Joan Osborne.
Offroad has performed at numerous concerts and big music festivals. Their first appearance on radio with Dmitri Dobrynin was in 2002, on the Radio of Russia radio station. In the year of 2003 the band was featured in the radio program hosted by Alena Maslennikova on the Voice of Russia radio station. Offroad songs are regularly played on radio stations in England and Ireland. The video for Queen Of My Heart was recorded in the fall of 2002.

The band continues to play concerts and perform at large-scale music events including Music-Moscow 2004. On September 23 Offroad performed at Marshall Day, dedicated to legendary Jim Marshall, Joe Lynn Turner, and Glenn Hughes on their visit to Russia. Offroad has received acclamatory references from these renowned musicians. Feeling themselves to be a well-matched band, the musicians started recording their second album.

The second album – On The Road Again was released on Misteria Zvuka in 2005 – consists of 10 tracks. You can hear the mix of various styles, and although the overall sound of the album as well as the band itself has become heavier and differs from the first album, you can still hear the beautiful melodic lines typical of the band. We hope that all fans of good quality rock music will appreciate the work we have spent so much time and efforts on.

After having presented the album release, the band concluded a contract with Marinsound Company, a record label and Music Production Center, where both of the Offroad albums (Make It Through and On The Road Again) were re-mastered and republished.
The video for You Promised Me Heaven was shot in March of 2006.

In 2008 the band went on tour in Germany Bulgaria and Japan. Also, the same year OffRoad recorded bilingual album on the Marinsound studio and went to Miami (Fla) for the final mix down of the album performed by Eric Shiling – the world famous sound engineer on the HIT FACTORY CRITERIA STUDIO. The mastering was performed in Portland by Bob Ludwig - one of the best sound engineers in the world.
The same year Marinsound Ltd. has signed the distribution contract with Nikitin Company (the official representative of Warner in Russia)

On January 2009 the band had to stop the cooperation with Marinsound Ltd.
At the moment the band is performing shows, touring and workin’ on the new album.

At the end of 2010 Yan and Den said goodbye.